Ard elkheir is an Egyptian joint stock company, one of Misr Elkheir Foundation companies established in 2009 ; Focuses its activities on animal livestock production which is its field of specialization in which it has gained extensive experience reaching the point of improving Egyptian buffalo breed and establishing an Academy to transfer its expertise to small investors in livestock production as its activities expands to include fattening calves and producing meat & milk, also it works in the field of feed growing (corn and alfalfa) to contribute in covering its farms need of feed.

The company is also engaged in community service and has a complete production line for filling cartons of food aid and distributing to various governorates.

Main Projects
LiveStock Production
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Groundbreaking ceremony for new Misr El kheir farm at Ras Sudr no.8
Ard elkheir farm at Ras Suder city occupy space area of ​​50 acres, including 20 acres dedicated..........
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Ard El kheir Academy for training
Ard Elkheir Academy for training  is one of the main achievements of the company ( Ard Elkheir ..........
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Agreena Exhibition 2016
Following the success that has been achieved during the previous participation, Ard Elkheir decided ..........
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