About us

Ard elkheir distribution and Trade Company was established at 2009 as an Egyptian joint stock subject to the provisions of Egyptian law No. 159 of 1981, and its amendments, and works in the field of livestock production in all sections of raising and fattening calves and dairy production as well as in artificial insemination program, which aims to improve the Egyptian buffalo breed and to breed genetically improved calves to reach the best productivities of red meat and dairy products in Egypt and the Middle East

Stratigic Objectives

Contribute to food security from animal protein (red meat - dairy). - Improve and develop the Egyptian buffalo breed by using finest types of global strains. - Improve growth rates of cattles and buffalos and work to increase productivities. - Expansion in the cultivation and production of forage crops with the latest scientific methods to ensure the quality of animal protein. - Spread the idea of ​​the establishment of model farms with high economic feasibility with achieving investment returns and cash flows contributing to the growth of the livestock sector. - Manage Livestock production farms professionally and exchange experiences with all countries specialized in the field of Livestock production

Our Mission

Ard elkheir to become one of the leading companies in livestock development and all related industries and achieve the highest return on investment in the livestock sector through the selection of qualified persons with great experiences to adopt that task by setting short-term and long-term strategic plans to exploit the available resources to develop the livestock production sector in Egypt and Middle East

Our Vision

To develop work in the field of livestock production in Egypt through the deployment of farms specialized in the production of meat and dairy across all Egyptian governorates, which in turn contribute to the achievement of self-sufficiency in animal protein for all classes of the Egyptian people.

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