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AlfaAlfa (Hegazy)

Work in this sector began in order to meet the needs of Ard Elkheir company of green fodder of both corn and alfalfa and through cooperation with giant companies specialized in agricultural production,  120 individuals work in this sector and the size of Annual investment in agricultural production sector is up to about 45 million pounds with ambitious plans for the future to achieve the company's self-sufficiency of green fodder, and put the surplus for the domestic market, the latest economic irrigation methods such as pivot irrigation and other are used, as well as organic fertilizers derived from livestock waste from company's farms.

The company is cultivating Alfalfa in the following governorates:


Assiut Governorate

It is attached to the animal production stations, it occupies a space of 200 acres fully dedicated to the cultivation of alfalfa to meet the needs of the farm of green clover for Hallab herd and the remaining is used to produce hay for the fattening herd.


Tor Sinai province

It occupies an area of 200 acres fully dedicated to the cultivation of alfalfa to meet the needs of animal production in Ard elkheir farm.


 New Valley Governorate

The current area is 350 acres, half of it is dedicated to the cultivation of alfalfa, which produces a record yield of about 9 tons alfalfa per acre, 250 acres of clover are expected to be added to the area cultivated for the total to be 600 acres in 2017, there we also use the latest lines of harvesting and pressing alfalfa in addition to a full production line for silage.

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